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Downhill Snowboard 3

screenshot of Downhill Snowboard 3  game

Travelling up hills is so over; hurtling the opposite way is becoming increasingly popular these days, and Downhill Snowboard 3 is facilitating this trend. Pop on a snowboard and prepare to grab some nose and/or tail as you whip out some unreasonably elaborate strings of tricks and moves whilst careering down various snow-covered slopes at breakneck speed. Snowboarding is the new skateboarding, and down is the new up: just don’t forget to try and not break your neck in the snowboarding process. 

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screenshot of Snowmageddon game

Never did I think a game could fundamentally affect the way I feel about one of the most widely-recognised Christmas icons as much as Snowmageddon. The end of the world is approaching and given the title, you know exactly what this means: living snowmen bent on attacking your stronghold and trying to destroy it. Any first-person shooter fanatic will in turn know what this means for them, which is some ridiculously fun shooting action with weapons and upgrades to keep you going until the next Armageddon takes place

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Bad Ice Cream 3

Don’t take the ‘Bad’ in ‘Bad Ice Cream’ to be anything near a reflection of the quality of the game. Those that have experienced the original Bad Ice Cream and its successor will be fully aware that these already-existing titles are amongst some of the very best arcade-style games that you are ever likely to encounter on the wild and worrying internet, possessing all of the characteristics from gameplay to aesthetics that make them a joy to play. So far, we have two of these wonderful titles allowing us to work our way through a juicy number of puzzle-like challenges collecting even juicier fruit with often erratic behaviour, and it stands to reason that a series as compelling and impressive as this should be followed up with another sequel to make the series from duo to trio. I’m as much of a developer of games as I am an Olympic-standard high-jumper, but this doesn’t mean that I haven’t played an heroic quantity of games in my time, nor does it mean I don’t like to look to the future every now and then. What would you say to a bit o’ sequel talk in regards to Bad Ice Cream 3? Nothing? I’ll take that silence as a desire to continue with said sequel talk (the question was basically rhetorical anyway). 

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