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Bad Ice Cream 3 – Ideas for features and improvements to a game (ice)screaming out for a successor

Creamy Successor

Don’t take the ‘Bad’ in ‘Bad Ice Cream’ to be anything near a reflection of the quality of the game. Those that have experienced the original Bad Ice Cream and its successor will be fully aware that these already-existing titles are amongst some of the very best arcade-style games that you are ever likely to encounter on the wild and worrying internet, possessing all of the characteristics from gameplay to aesthetics that make them a joy to play. So far, we have two of these wonderful titles allowing us to work our way through a juicy number of puzzle-like challenges collecting even juicier fruit with often erratic behaviour, and it stands to reason that a series as compelling and impressive as this should be followed up with another sequel to make the series from duo to trio. I’m as much of a developer of games as I am an Olympic-standard high-jumper, but this doesn’t mean that I haven’t played an heroic quantity of games in my time, nor does it mean I don’t like to look to the future every now and then. What would you say to a bit o’ sequel talk in regards to Bad Ice Cream 3? Nothing? I’ll take that silence as a desire to continue with said sequel talk (the question was basically rhetorical anyway).Continue Reading

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Bad Ice Cream 3 – Ideas for features and improvements to a game (ice)screaming out for a successor

Choice of Flavours

I know how unusual of an idea this may sound because we’re working with fictional ice cream that has an almost ironic affinity for healthy fruit-based snacks, but I’m proposing that Bad Ice Cream 3 includes a variety of flavours of ice cream for us to play as. The first facet of this idea involves customising your ice cream to a particular flavour and therefore colour, but with each colour comes different properties. Essentially I am just talking about the equivalent of choosing your character in Super Mario All Stars: there you get to choose between Luigi, Mario, Toad and Princes Peach, each with their own particular skill, so how about different flavours of ice cream with different appearances and powers? Our current lovable 99 sans flake just loves to send out frozen ice blocks in a straight line, but how about other powers such as sending blocks out in several directions, or maybe not even ice blocks at all. Different abilities would have a knock-on effect on level design, requiring developers Nitrome to be more creative with layouts and players to be more inventive with their strategy.

Fruit Flies

Alright, so the flying fruit adds to the challenge of the levels a little, but most of the time it takes skill out of the equation and adds an element of chance, luck, and randomness that you simply don’t need, particularly after a carefully calculated navigation of the level that is thwarted last minute because a fruit flew away at the most inopportune of times. Definitely less flying fruit in Bad Ice Cream 3, please.

Second Chance Sundae

Perhaps I’m a soft scoop man at heart, but I do enjoy both giving and being given second chances, which is why I feel that it can be a little harsh to have a one-touch kill policy for our little frozen dairy-based treat when he hits an enemy. I think that that there should be either a health or lives system where you get to earn your second chances by collecting them around the levels and earning them, allowing you to carry on if you make what would otherwise be a devastatingly costly mistake in the later stages of the game.